Finding a Contractor After a Storm

Colorado experiences many hail storms each year. In addition to hail, we also get a lot of wind on the front range. With the clean-up, insurance claim, and the repairs to the home, hail and wind damage can both cause stress on the homeowner. With all the bad media surrounding roofing contractors, we understand the hesitation and concern when hiring a contractor to do the repairs. Door knockers have been a nuisance but it does not mean that all contractors are storm chasers. To make sure you are getting a Colorado based company, do a little research to make sure the contractor you are choosing is a good and stable company. There are several ways to verify a company’s integrity and legitimacy.

  1. Check the Better Business Bureau.
  2. Check the Secretary of State’s business database. From this website you can check the years in business and see ownership changes. A change in ownership can mean someone from out of state has come and bought a local business for its name and longevity in business.
  3. Request copies of their general liability and workers compensation insurance certificates and verify with the carriers the policy is in effect.
  4. Confirm the company will pull necessary permits for the work and they are licensed in your jurisdiction.
  5. Check for a permanent place of business, telephone number, tax identification number, and where required, a business license for operating within your city.

Never sign anything until you get a contract showing a price.

Colorado passed a law in 2012 called SB38 and is known as the “Consumer Protection/Residential Roofing Bill”. This law prohibits contractors on giving any support to the homeowners for their deductible. If a contractor says they will give you cash back for your deductible, then it is breaking the law according to SB38. You can read the new law on the State of Colorado’s website.

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